Trophy Target Pistol Moderator and Silencer Adaptor

Much of today has been spent developing a Silencer Adapter for the Air Force One Target Pistol. One of the immediate observations was that it would suit an integrated silencer very well. The only issue we could see, with any silencer installation, was the loss of the front sight blade, losing the open sights. I am going to continue developing this adapter setup as it might be possible, with a shroud system similar to the Ruger MkII and MkIII rimfire pistol, to keep the open sights.
Watch this space for that one!

So here is a prototype integrated silencer unit developed today:

Trophy Target Silencer adapter

Prototype Silencer on the Trophy Target

Naturally this is an expensive way of adding a silencer if you already have one, the first of the straight adapters will be finished tomorrow and if you already have a pistol silencer it will be a straightforward fit.

Having had an opportunity to spend some intimate time today with the barrel (?) I thought the Ruger MkII silencer style might compliment the gun well.

Silenced Ruger MkII

Silenced Ruger MkII


This style of Silencer, which is also a full length shroud, would enable the retention of the front sight element. I will look into this and possibly offer it as an option. The fact that the Trophy Target has a 12mm barrel diameter helps the project. We will see.


The silencer on the Trophy Target pistol above is our own design. It is a 1″ (25mm) pulltruded Carbon Fiber tube with a primary blast chamber surrounded by ballistic cloth leading into a secondary, smaller, chamber which is narrower and shorter than the first. The Carbon fiber tube is held at both ends with machined from solid, hardened, EN30 aluminium. The blast chamber separator is also a machined component with the beginnings of a K Baffle on the Blast Chamber side. For it’s short compact length it is very effective.