Restoring a Greener

This was once a very fine W W Greener 12 guage side by side, sidelock hammer gun, and could be once again.

The colour case hardening has worn – more likely polished away – from the very finely engraved round action and someone has sanded the stock down in an attempt at a “restoration” and taken the fine checkering with it. This is the stock today:

greener stock

WW Greener StockĀ 

The checkering is in a very bad way but the lines are still clearly visible so I will be following them when I re-cut it. Right now both the stock and the fore end are in my special solution which will both remove the current finish and extract any mineral oils that have made their way into the Walnut. The forestock is missing the horn insert but is in otherwise good condition.

A restoration of this magnitude is not to be undertaken lightly, the main points are:

a) A full restoration of the Stock
b) remake the Horn insert for the fore-stock
c) Black the barrels and other select parts
d) Colour Case Harden the Breech Block and Side Plates
e) Recut the hammers and case harden the faces
f) put it back together that it not only looks good, but actually shoots well too

Should be simple enough and it will be, given time. Restorations of this type take time more than anything else and this will take four to five months, One thing you cannot rush and that is the refinishing of a fine Walnut Stock, that takes up most of the time. I find that because the Stock dictates the pace at which you work, the rest of the gun can be worked on with no sense of urgency and this contributes enormously to the quality of the finished gun.