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The 10M series Moderators.

Home of the 10M series Moderators.

There are some terrific Moderators out there, we have tried most of them ourselves and frankly we would recommend some of them. However, we were asked to design a Moderator with a specific set of features. One specific attribute of the 10M-R moderator is unique to our design.

A main failing of most, if not all of the Moderators commercially available is the projected noise. This is the noise tha emits from the front of the Moderator, directly towards the quarry. We all know that the report of any rifle swiftly disperses any quarry. If you are hunting Rabbits for instance and a pair come into view, the moment you take the shot you may bring one down but the Bang, no matter how quiet the Moderator, that follows the pellet from the front of the rifle will most certainly scare the second Rabbit off.

The 10M-R Moderator is specifically designed to overcome this problem. Our design features mean that this report stays to the rear of the muzzle. Most of the top end silencers present little, if any noise to the shooter. Certainly this is true with the top of the range Weihrauch silencers, some rifles producing little more noise than the Hammer Spring working. However, stand ten feet in front of the rifle when it is fired and all that changes – you hear the report of the shot.

The 10M model R silencer is specifically designed to overcome this failing. Our unique Blast Chamber design which forms the first in a series of expansion chambers takes this energy – because noise IS energy – and channels it out and to the side of the Moderator massively reducing the forward projected sound. This will certainly improve your chances with the second shot that’s for certain.

This is one of the first 10M-P (pistol) prototype silencers. As you can see we use Pulltruded Carbon which leaves a great finish, not only on the outside but also – and this is crucially important – on the inside. This gives us a consistent base to work from and each silencer has the same efficiency as the last one.

We are developing alongside this style a Carbon/Kevlar mix finish and this has unique Blast containment qualities suited to FAC silencers.