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Barrels and Liners

We use Redman Liners for our Barrel Relining. Never heard of it? Don’t know what it is? Read on……

Well quite often guns are used to the point that the barrel becomes “shot out”, worn out in other words. There is a simple fix for this and that is Barrel Relining. Quite simply, a quality liner is fixed into the bore of the barrel after boring the old one out. There is nothing new in this and it is the accepted way of repairing shotgun barrels, we offer this service though for rifled barrels of all calibres. We keep most popular sizes in stock though we can supply any size to order.

But it is not just for repairs, you can also reline a barrel to adjust for a different caliber, .177HMR for instance is an easy conversion from .22 cal Long Rifle. With the cost of ammunition in the UK it is often very cost effective to change a very expensive caliber to a cheaper common cartridge size.

This decision of course must be tempered with caution, you wouldn’t want to ruin a valuable Vintage or Historically Important gun by making it into something in never was now would you?