Products and Services

Although we offer a full range Gunsmith Service, we also offer a range of bespoke Products unique to us.

We have the 10M series of moderators and our new flagship model will be launched soon with features exclusive to ourselves. The Barrel re-lining service we offer can resurrect a gun from the scrap heap or re-chamber for a different calibre at very modest cost.

Through our partners we offer a full gun re-blueing service and all of our bluing is done by Colin Malloy at his workshops in Failsworth. We can receive your gun, strip it, repair it and have it completely re-blued at a very competitive rate.

We also offer a Duracoat service and Duracoat is recognised by the US Military as a “Works on the Range, works in the Slop” finish that gets progressively harder. We have had a number of pistols finished in Duracoat and the results are outstanding.

Barrels and Liners

We use Redman Liners for our Barrel Relining. Never heard of it? Don’t know what it is? Read on…… Well quite often guns are used to the point that the barrel becomes “shot out”, worn out in other words. There is a simple fix for this and that is Barrel Relining. Quite simply, a quality …

410 Action

Colour Case Hardening

Where do you start with this? Very much a traditional Gunmakers Finish I am not sure I know of any other application. I have seen one or two old tools finished this way but I am certain they were done because the toolmakers found themselves in a Gunsmith’s workshop. It is a particularly striking finish …

Ruger Old Army

Ruger “Old Army” Black Powder Revolver

A classic revolver. Personally I struggle that Ruger has seen fit to discontinue this gun. I remember ordering one back in 1984. And here we are thirty years later making parts for this model help keeping them function. The Ruger Old Army was, in our opinion, one of the finest percussion pistols ever made. Yes …

We Buy Guns – Guns Wanted – Deceased Estate guns secured

Sounds simple right? What an absolute minefield. Sadly, most guns are worth tuppence, that old air rifle your dad bought you for your fourteenth birthday back in 1972 is probably one of 2.5 million produced and needs more spending on it to make it work than it’s worth. However, read on….. As a real gun …

The 10M series Moderators.

Home of the 10M series Moderators. There are some terrific Moderators out there, we have tried most of them ourselves and frankly we would recommend some of them. However, we were asked to design a Moderator with a specific set of features. One specific attribute of the 10M-R moderator is unique to our design. A …