Traditional Colour Case Hardening

Traditional Colour Case hardening to receivers, triggers and hammers. Can also be applied to cylinders and scope rings.


We offer Traditional Colour Case Hardening as a service. We are unable to list every component but to give you some indication, the receiver pictured here would be £75 and the Buttplate would be about £25. The components need to first be polished then degreased in hot caustic solution before being processed in the furnace. We DO NOT use a welding torch or other such implement to produce this finish. The finish is a traditional Colour Case hardening process using Bone Charcoal and hand preparation. The depth and degree of hardening varies from piece to piece as we cannot know exactly which steel the items are made from. The finish is quite striking and the pictures really do not do it justice. This can only be done to steel parts.

colour case hardened

colour case hardened receiver

colour hardening

Colour case hardened components

Prepared receiver

Receiver prepared for the furnace