Pre Charged Pneumatics

We see a good many pre-charged pneumatics in the workshop, not a surprise really because they are very popular and there are not that many user serviceable parts in them. It doesn’t matter how well we look after our guns, some materials have a finite life. The problem with this gun was the fill valve. It leaked, but only occasionally.
Dismantling the valve, this is what we found. Small particles of the O ring which was holding the dust sealing cap in place had broken off and had been pushed into the fill valve by the pressure of the fill air. The cap that was in place to protect the fill valve had actually caused the problem, ironic really.
The tiny black particles are the offending item. Not knowing how far these particles had reached into the firing valve, it makes sense to just strip it, clean it and replace all of the seals. Re-using O rings is a false economy.

webley raider valve

Webley Raider Fill Valve