a real Gem

A classic Vintage rifle.
This is a classic Vintage rifle and was produced from around 1870 to about 1930. It was manufactured in both rifled and smooth bore barrels and in .177, .22 and the rare .25cal. This fine example is a .25 calibre. It would be though, wouldn’t it!
The history of the Gem rifle is all a bit vague and there are plenty of publications, but most of them are contradictory, no surprise there either. What is for certain though is that many were manufactured in Germany for Quackenbush when Haviland and Gunn sold their patents to Mr Henry Marcus Quackenbush of New York.
C.G. Bonehill of Birmingham manufactured a modified version of the Quackenbush called the Britannia and this manufacture started around 1905. I have no idea when this gun was made though it is clearly quite old, I can say with certainty it was around the turn of the twentieth century for some of the threads and construction is of that era. No matter, it is quite an impressive thing and I have been promised pictures when the stock is re-attached.

gem air rifle

Gem air rifle Pic-01

gem air rifle barrel

Gem barrel showing the Octagonal construction

gem air rifle release catch

Top release latch for loading

Breech of Gem rifle

Barrel and Breech seperated