Brno Rifle Build

Our engraver has finished the Brno .222 and this time he has excelled himself. This rifle is a long term build project and will become a stand alone article in itself at some point. Meanwhile, a few photographs of the engraving to whet your appetite.

It is very hard nowadays getting hand engraving done as most engraving is done with lasers. Hand engraving is usually only found on high end rifles and shotguns and pistols are usually engraved for presentation or commemorative reasons. Sadly there are few engravers in the UK, though it is a growing niche market in the US. Hopefully it is an Art which will continue. Anyway, let’s see the pictures:

Brno-Engraved-01 Brno-Engraved-02 Brno-Engraved-03 Brno-Engraved-04 Brno-Engraved-05

barrel engraving

Brno barrel details

Seems a shame to Blue the gun really and one of these days someone will take the sensible route and ask me to polish the barrel to a very high level of finish, engrave it and just leave it like that.

Or colour case harden it…………….