Brno Fox Engraving Part II

Well, Mr. Molloy has excelled himself again, I picked the barrel/receiverĀ for the custom rifle build up today. Colin always does excellent work but the really dark, midnight blue he applied to this sets the engraving off just beautifully.

engraved barrel

cz-brno engraving

reblued barrel

cz-brno 1/2″ UNF silencer thread

hand engraved receiver

hand engraved receiver

The stock is about half way through it’s treatment too, I think I have about four coats of oil on it so far but there are quite a few to go yet. It is showing signs of it’s potential though.


oiled walnut stock

Brno fox II oiled walnut stock

walnut forestock

walnut forestock

Walnut rifle stock

oiled walnut stock

I will spend some time on the stock over the next couple of weeks and start building the receiver up. I need to Jewel the extractor next which is a great excuse to finally build an indexing jig for Jewelling.

Just a quick update really, I fashioned the band for the front sight today. The piece of the barrel that was cut off was bored and threaded for the shortened barrel and this allows the retention of the front sight. Using Gold allows fine adjustment as it is so soft and it grips both parts holding the sight blade horizontal.

front sight with inlay

Brno Fox front sight with inlay

As soon as I have built up the receiver I will do a dedicated page as there are other, fundamental, changes to the style of this rifle.