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Restoring a Greener

greener stock

This was once a very fine W W Greener 12 guage side by side, sidelock hammer gun, and could be once again. The colour case hardening has worn – more likely polished away – from the very finely engraved round action and someone has sanded the stock down in an attempt at a “restoration” and …

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Brno Fox Engraving Part II

reblued barrel

Well, Mr. Molloy has excelled himself again, I picked the barrel/receiver for the custom rifle build up today. Colin always does excellent work but the really dark, midnight blue he applied to this sets the engraving off just beautifully. The stock is about half way through it’s treatment too, I think I have about four coats …

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Charlie’s Trigger Tuning – Air Force One Revisited

A couple of weeks after I wrote the original article about the Air Force One I saw my friend Charlie. Look here he said, I have modified that trigger. It wasn’t until he produced his Air Force One Target pistol that I realised what he was talking about. This has got to be one of the …

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Brno Rifle Build

Our engraver has finished the Brno .222 and this time he has excelled himself. This rifle is a long term build project and will become a stand alone article in itself at some point. Meanwhile, a few photographs of the engraving to whet your appetite. It is very hard nowadays getting hand engraving done as most engraving …

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W W Greener of Birmingham Air Rifle

This first short paragraph from the Greener website: “William Greener was the first member of the family to make guns. At the age of 14 he was apprenticed to John Gardner a gunmaker in Newcastle Upon Tyne. in Northumberland. When qualified he went to London and worked for Joe Manton, one of the best …

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Trophy Target Pistol Moderator and Silencer Adaptor

Silenced Ruger MkII

Much of today has been spent developing a Silencer Adapter for the Air Force One Target Pistol. One of the immediate observations was that it would suit an integrated silencer very well. The only issue we could see, with any silencer installation, was the loss of the front sight blade, losing the open sights. I …

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AirForce One Trophy Target Pistol

This is a long anticipated pistol. It fits the gap left by the exodus of the Aeron Brno and similar pistols. For a long while now, people wanting to get into target pistol shooting have been able to start at the bottom with something like a Crosman 2240, or enter the giddying heights of Styer, …

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Crosman 1300 Medalist II

Benjamin semi-auto

A very rare beast this one, the Medalist II. There are a good many Crosmans and variants but this has to be one of my favourites. Tucked into your waisband with a pocket full of pellets what more could a young boy have wished for – apart from an accompanying rifle.         …

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A Brace of Greeners

Greener Vintage Walnut Stock

Guns are a bit like buses, none for ages then two (or three) show up at once. In this instance, one of my favorites, a Greener made an appearance last week and then suddenly another! Threats of a third have been made too. Amazing. Anyhow, the first had come back from finishing by Colin Molloy …

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Pre Charged Pneumatics

webley raider valve

We see a good many pre-charged pneumatics in the workshop, not a surprise really because they are very popular and there are not that many user serviceable parts in them. It doesn’t matter how well we look after our guns, some materials have a finite life. The problem with this gun was the fill valve. …

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