A Brace of Greeners

Guns are a bit like buses, none for ages then two (or three) show up at once. In this instance, one of my favorites, a Greener made an appearance last week and then suddenly another! Threats of a third have been made too. Amazing.

Anyhow, the first had come back from finishing by Colin Molloy and, as always with Colin’s work it is exemplary:


Re-blued Greener air rifle



The reason for the appearance of this rifle was the “professional restoration of the stock”. I will not post the pictures up, we will move on. This is a vintage stock the customer supplied and I have stripped it ready for some fitting.

Greener Vintage Walnut Stock

Vintage Walnut Stock







The Walnut Stock in the top of the picture is from the second Greener this week and and has been refinished by our customer, very nicely done too. From one extreme to the other here.
The ironmongery is a bit lacking though. I will say though that this gives us an opportunity to look at the before and after and really see the transformation a really good blueing job can bring.

Greener Barrel and Breech

Greener Break Barrel Pivot



And here they are one above the other, one half finished one half started:

Greener rifles for restoration

Greener rifles






Updates to follow, should be interesting, I have both trigger guards to fit and somebody forgot to send the screws!