A Gun Repair workshop

Welcome to Ten Metre dot com.

We are based just on the outskirts of Manchester UK and we repair and restore all types of Rifles, Shotguns, Air Pistols and Air Rifles. We especially like repairing and servicing ten metre competition guns and having been around guns since childhood we still have the same enthusiasm about guns now as we did back then. The only real difference is we now have more of them! That and forty years experience of repair and restoration work. We repair a good number of Rifle Stocks and can adjust the Pull on almost any gun. Sympathetic restoration is something we are very good at and we don’t mind saying so.

We manufacture and market our own bespoke range of target pistol accessories and conversion packages to transform “cheap ‘n cheerful” pistols into good platforms for the beginner who thinks he might want to try Target Shooting but doesn’t really want to spend the sort of money a top_of_the_range dedicated Olympic Match capable gun can cost.

We also build the 10M-R and 10M-P model Moderators for Rifles and Pistols. The 10M-R rifle silencers are also suitable for use on .22cal rimfire rifles but this must be specified on ordering. These Moderators are State of the Art and incorporate some very unique features found only in our products. They are also among the lightest Moderators produced.

We are pleased to be able to offer a Barrel Relining service and we can chamber your rifle for any specific type of ammunition. This gives unparalleled accuracy in Bench Rest shooting and can transform a gun.

greener stock

Restoring a Greener

This was once a very fine W W Greener 12 guage side by side, sidelock hammer gun, and could be once again. The colour case hardening has worn – more likely polished away – from the very finely engraved round action and someone has sanded the stock down in an attempt at a “restoration” and …

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front sight with inlay

Brno Fox Engraving Part II

Well, Mr. Molloy has excelled himself again, I picked the barrel/receiver for the custom rifle build up today. Colin always does excellent work but the really dark, midnight blue he applied to this sets the engraving off just beautifully. The stock is about half way through it’s treatment too, I think I have about four coats …

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Charlie’s Trigger Tuning – Air Force One Revisited

A couple of weeks after I wrote the original article about the Air Force One I saw my friend Charlie. Look here he said, I have modified that trigger. It wasn’t until he produced his Air Force One Target pistol that I realised what he was talking about. This has got to be one of the …

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Brno Rifle Build

Our engraver has finished the Brno .222 and this time he has excelled himself. This rifle is a long term build project and will become a stand alone article in itself at some point. Meanwhile, a few photographs of the engraving to whet your appetite. It is very hard nowadays getting hand engraving done as most engraving …

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